Andaman Information

State Bird Wood Pigeon

     Andaman Wood Pigeon is an endemic bird, which is found only in Andaman and Nicobar group of islands. This bird is of the size of a domestic pigeon with longer tail.  This bird has whitish head with checkerboard pattern on neck.  The upper parts are dark slate grey in color and under parts are pale blue grey Metallic green sheen on upper side and reddish bill with yellowish tip and purplish red orbital skin are identification characters. The bird lives in dense broadleaved evergreen forest

State Animal Dugong

     Dugong, an endangered marine mammal, also known as Sea Cow, is only strictly marine mammal, which is herbivorous.  It mainly feeds on sea-grass and other aquatic vegetation.  Dugong is distributed in Indo-Pacific Region. The animal is about three meter length and weight about 400 kg.  In India Dugong is reported from Gulf of Kutch, Gulf of Mannar Palk Bay and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Within Andman and Nicobar Islands Dugong has been reported from Ritche’s Archipelago, North Reef, Little Andaman and parts of Nicobars.

State Tree Andaman Padauk

     Andaman Padauk is a tall deciduous tree found only in Andaman.  It grows up to height of 120 feet. The timber is highly prized for making furniture.  Burr and Buttress formation adds charm to the tree and used in making unique furniture.


     Andman forest abounds in a plethora of timber spices numbering 200 or more, out of which about 30 varieties are considered to be commercial. Major commercial timber species are Gurjan (Dipterocarpus spp.) and Padauk (Ptercarpus dalbergiodies). The following ornamental woods are noted of their pronounced grain formation

Marble Wood , Padauk, Silver Grey, Chooi, Kokko

     Padauk being sturdier than teak is widely used for furniture making. Burr and the Buttress formation in Andaman Padauk are world famous for their exceptionally unique charm and figuring. The largest piece of  Buttress known from Andaman was a dining table of 13’ x 7’.The largest piece of Burr was again a dining table to seat eight persons at a time. The holy Rudraksha (Elaeocarps sphaericus) and aromatic Dhoop/Resin tree also occur here.

Limestone Caves

     The lime caves, full of splendid stalagmites, stalactites and pillar rocks, can be accessed by a 40 minute boat ride through the creeks the boat passes through beautiful creek full of mangroves from the Nilambur Jetty, it is great life time experience for incoming tourists.  And about 15 minute trek further through village and forest. It gives an immense sense of adventure to the tourist.