Rangat Information

     At the southeast corner of Middle Andaman, Rangat consist of a ramsheckle sprawl ranged around two rows of chai shops and general stores divided by the ATR. However, as a major staging post on the journey north , it’s impossible to avoid just don’t get stranded here if you can help it.

      The five or six ferries per week to and from Port Blair dock at Rangat Bay, 7 km east all stop at Havelock Island and most at Long Island, and there are also two daily launches to long Island from nearby Yeratta.  In addition, Rangat is served by two daily government buses to Port Blair as well as some private services, which pass through in the morning en route from further north.  The APWD Rest House, pleasantly situated up a winding hill from the bazaar with views across the valley, is the best place to stay and eat, providing good, filling fish thalis. The RG Lodge, just off the main road, is a decent fallback.  The best places to eat  are the Hotel Star, on a nearby alley leading to the small market square, for Indian veg and non-veg.

      If you do get stuck here, rather than staying put in Rangat, jump on a bus to Amakunj beach, about 9km north, for a swim or snorkel, head a further 6km to Cuthbert Bay aka RRO, where you can stay at the characterless but comfortable A&N Tourism hotel Hawksbill Nest , which is invariably empty.  If you have an early ferry out of Rangat Bay, it is better to stay down near the jetty at the friendly Sea Shore Lodge. Basic meals can be had from the motley conglomeration of stalls between the lodge and the jetty.